6 Promises Every Casino Player Needs to Keep

By | April 10, 2021

The promises you make to yourself can become powerful tools if you never break them. In fact, personal promises can help you learn how to become a winning casino player.

I’ve compiled a list of six promises that every casino gambler needs to make and keep if they want to start winning. The good news is that each of these promises is fairly simple and easy to make.

They’re not all easy to keep, but you can accomplish a great deal if you stick with your plan and refuse to give up. Keep reading to learn more about how to use promises to become a better casino gambler.

1 – Focus on Your Returns

I use one main statistic when I gamble in casinos. And everything that I do ties into this stat in one way or another. This statistic is the return to player percentage.

Each casino game, and bet within each game, has a return to player percentage.

The first thing that’s important is that you need to know the return for every game and every wager before you make it. If you don’t know the return, you shouldn’t make a wager.

Here’s what you want to look for: Find the games and wagers in the casino that offer the highest return percentages. Then, learn how to use strategy to make the return percentages even higher.

As a general rule, slot machines offer returns of around 90% on average. Most casino table games offer returns around 95%.

The best games, like blackjack and video poker games that have good pay tables, offer returns of 99% and higher.

The best games, like blackjack and video poker, also have strategies you can use that help your returns. What all of this means is that you need to play only the casino games that offer the highest return percentage and play these games using a strategy that makes the return percentage better.

2 – Explore All of Your Options

You need to explore all of your options in a casino. Some games that have a poor overall return percentage have one or two wagers that are actually good. For example, one bet at the baccarat table is terrible yet another wager has a return of almost 99%.

Craps is another good example. Two wagers at the craps table are good, but the rest of them range from average to terrible.

This is why it’s important to explore all of the options the casino gives you. This is also important when it comes to finding and using a good strategy. Some strategies are obviously better than others. And you just want to use the strategies that work the best. Of course, this only applies to games that involve strategic components. Games like slots solely rely on luck.

Casino Cards

You also need to look at both the land-based casinos where you can play games, as well as all of the mobile and online options that are available to you. Sometimes, it’s better to play in a land-based casino, but other times, you’re better off playing online or in a mobile casino. It really depends on what’s available around in your area and the games you’re looking to play.

The only way to learn the best casinos and casino games options is to educate yourself. Knowledge is power, in this case, and it can directly influence how much you win or lose in casinos.

3 – Use Comps the Right Way

When I gamble in casinos, I like to earn comps. The way I look at it, if I’m planning to gamble, then I might as well take anything that the casino is willing to give me for free.

The problem is that when you start earning comps, there’s a tendency to gamble more in order to get more comps. This is not a smart money move. And this is the main reason why casinos offer comps schemes in the first place.

Thankfully, this habit can be easily resolved. Are you able to accept comps without it ever making you gamble longer than you planned? It’s easy to say that you can, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself trying to earn the next comps level because it’s just another 15 minutes of play.

You need to understand that the way that casinos fund their comps schemes is through money that the gamblers lose in the casino. You’re never going to make up for your losses with comps.

4 – Learn About Good Bonuses

Online and mobile casinos use bonus offers to get you to sign up, make a deposit, and play their games. Every bonus looks like a great deal on the surface. But if you learn more about them, then you find out that most of them aren’t good.

Personally, I use bonuses and recommend that you use them also, but only when you learn how to identify the good ones. A lot of bonus offers out there are best left unclaimed.

To find the best bonuses, you have to understand the terms associated with them. Learn what you have to do to clear the bonus and whether or not you’re allowed to cash out any bonus money you have left after you clear it.

A bonus that you can’t cash out after you clear it isn’t nearly as good as a bonus that you can cash out. But these types of bonuses do have their uses. For example, if you just want to play for the chance to win a big slot machine jackpot, these types of bonuses can be worth taking. But if you’re playing most games, then you’re better off not claiming these types of promotional offers.

When you find an offer that you can cash out, learn what you have to do to clear the bonus. Remember, the best bonuses have lower playthrough requirements.

5 – Play Games You Can Actually Beat

Do you know the simple reason why casino players don’t win? It’s because they don’t play the casino games they can actually beat.

Sadly, the list of casino games that you can’t beat is a long one. And at the top of the list is the most popular casino game of all time. That would be the slot machines, of course.

More casino gamblers play slots than all of the rest of the games combined, yet it’s the worst game when it comes to giving you a chance to win. The payback odds are slim, to say the least.

Casino Games

If you want to win, then you have to play casino games that give you a chance to win. I know this sounds like common sense, but if you make a list of games you’ve played in casinos, I can guarantee that you’re either playing the wrong casino games or playing good casino games wrong. Or worse, you could be doing both.

Needless to say, this is why you’re losing money.

If you want to know which casino games that you might be able to beat, I can cover all of that in a very short list. Here it is:

  • Blackjack
  • Poker (Texas Hold’em and Omaha, the table games found in casino pits)
  • Video Poker

The other problem is the fact that it’s not exactly easy to beat any of these games. In addition, many casinos don’t offer poker games.

6 – Learn to Use Blackjack Advantage Techniques

I’m going to tell you exactly what promise you need to make and keep if you really want to win as a casino gambler. This is going to be one of the hardest promises to keep, because it’s hard work to follow through. But it’s also one of the most profitable promises you can make.

Learning how to use blackjack advantage techniques is the most important thing you can do as a casino gambler. This is because blackjack is one of only a small number of casino games that give you an opportunity to win.

The first technique you have to learn is counting cards. In fact, if you become a master card counter, you might never need to learn any of the other advantage blackjack techniques.

Make a promise to yourself right now that you’re going to do everything that you need to become good at counting cards. Then, follow through on your promise and start researching the best counting methods.

All it takes is knowledge of how card-counting methods work and enough practice to refine your skills. Once you put in this work, you can certainly win as a blackjack gambler. Just make sure the casinos don’t catch you doing it!

Card counting isn’t illegal. But it is an advantage technique, so casinos don’t love that you are gaining an edge. You might get escorted out or banned from their property.


Promises can be powerful tools when you use them in the right way. They can even help casino players make more money.

Make a promise today to explore all of your casino gambling options and focus on the returns you can get from each game.

The next step is to make a commitment to getting the maximum amount of comps you can and to find the best online or mobile casino bonuses.

Finally, figure out which casino games you can beat and concentrate on only these games. Blackjack is usually the best option but only when you learn how to play it in the best way.

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