2024 Forecast for Dutch Gambling Market by KSA

By | February 17, 2021

The upcoming legalization of the online gambling sector increases the attention towards the Dutch market. The local Gaming Authority (KSA) presented two organizations’ predictions for the sector for the upcoming years. The LoginCasino team always finds the most interesting stories in the sector for the latest casino news rubric and explains them in simple terms.

The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) presented the Dutch gambling market forecast that was made by two firms: Regulus Partners and H2 Gambling Capital. The governmental body used the data to compare their plans with the independent forecast. In the introduction, the KSA confirmed that they understood the impact of global tendencies in the sector during the analyzed period.

One of the major questions was the predicted level of channelization or, in other words, how many players will turn their attention to the legal casinos instead of recent illegal destinations. According to the report, about 70% of the players will be gambling on the licensed platforms by 2024, while the KSA wants to attract about 80% of the gamblers to legal establishments.

Experts also assumed that the digital gambling sector’s gross gaming revenue would be about €800M in 2024. Thus, Regulus predicts almost €830M in 2024 excluding bonuses, while H2 states the €1.1B number but including bonuses.

What trends are the expected in the gambling sector?

Both firms provided even more diversified data and gave forecasts concerning three major sectors: sports betting, casino games, and poker. Interestingly, both organizations predict that casino games will be the biggest sector in 2024. The following numbers will be stated in the original format: including bonuses for H2’s forecast and excluding bonuses for Regulus. Thus, H2 expects €585M in the casino games sector, while Regulus predicts €555M, which is quite the same forecast.

However, the remaining predictions were quite different. For instance, H2 stated €428M for the sports betting industry in 2024, while Regulus saw no more than €255M for the industry, which is significantly different.

The forecast for the poker industry varied even more. Regulus appointed €16M for the area in 2024, while H2 drew €48M. Such a huge difference is probably related to the issue of bonuses, which can be a major financial item during card tournaments.

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