121 Illegal Gaming Machines Were Confiscated in Austria

By | August 12, 2021

The latest news in the legal sector reports that the Austrian financial police continue to battle against illegal gambling in the country. Police forces have conducted a series of raids in 39 locations in central and eastern regions of the state, including the cities of Wels, Steyr, and Linz.

In three days between August 5 and August 7, officers have confiscated 121 machines with casino software. The administrative authorities have also opened criminal proceedings against illegal operators and threatened to close all venues with unregistered gaming equipment. 

To prevent confiscations, some of the unlicensed ops were ready to use violence. 11 of 39 casino establishments had to be open with a help of a locksmith. “Closed” and “electricity danger” sings attached at the doors of several venues, multiple gaming machines were anchored to the walls or floor. Nonetheless, the financial police have successfully carried out inspections at every casino.  

Minister says police will conduct more raids in the future

This isn’t the first time Austrian law enforcers take measures to prevent illegal gambling. According to the local gambling news sources, only in June 2021, the police has confiscated 91 gaming machines from unlicensed operators.

The Minister of Finance, Gernot Blümel, warned that the financial police will continue cracking down on illegal gambling in the country, making the Austrian market less attractive for unauthorized casino ops.

Wilfried Lehner, a Head of the Financial Police in the Anti-Fraud Office, has also stated that his subordinates are ready to repeat the confiscations should the illegal casinos reopen.

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