Super Bowl Gatorade Color Odds: What Was the Winning Color?

By | February 14, 2022

In American sports, the Gatorade shower is a major part of championship celebrations or celebrating big wins. No matter what time of year it is, Gatorade–or another sports drink, or mayonnaise, even–will be making its way onto the head and body of the winning coach. The Gatorade shower is seen mostly frequently in college sports, but the most famous Gatorade shower occurs at the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl Gatorade shower has the notoriety it does not only because the Super Bowl is such a major event, but also because of the betting interest it generates. And besides that, it is interesting to see the reaction it will generate or how sharp the coach’s reflexes are.

With this year’s big game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams quickly approaching, Gatorade color odds for 2022 have been released at sportsbooks far and wide. And for the second year in a row, orange tops the Gatorade color odds.

With Super Bowl Sunday approaching, there has been some small line movement. Blue was initially next in line behind orange, but yellow/green/lime has moved from +450 to +350 and is now the second favorite behind orange. Could this (very speculative, it must be said) Gatorade article by Yahoo’s Greg Brainos be fueling a rash of bets on yellow/green/lime?

2022 Super Bowl Gatorade Color Odds (as of Saturday, February 12)

  • Orange +200
  • Yellow/Green/Lime +350
  • Blue +400
  • Clear +400
  • Red/Pink +850
  • Purple/Indigo/Violet +1000

Odds are via BetMGM.

Even if your team loses the Super Bowl, correctly choosing what color Gatorade the winning coach gets hit with can help make it a profitable night at the betting window. Whether you place your wagers on Super Bowl odds at BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, or another top online sportsbook, you will be able to find Super Bowl Gatorade color odds wherever you look.

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs last year to win Super Bowl LV, blue Gatorade drenched coach Bruce Arians.

Super Bowl LV Gatorade shower Tampa Bay Bucs Bruce Arians
Blue was the color for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and head coach Bruce Arians at Super Bowl LV, as he received a triumphant shower of blue Gatorade when the Bucs defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium.

It was a big win for those who placed bets on one of the underdog colors. Blue had the second-longest Gatorade color odds, with only purple having longer odds.

Here’s a look at last year’s Super Bowl Gatorade color odds, courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook.

2021 Gatorade Shower Color Odds

  • Orange +125
  • Red/Pink +300
  • Clear/Water +350
  • Yellow/Green/Lime +450
  • Blue +750
  • Purple +900

Orange was the favorite going into Super Bowl LV for two reasons. Though the game was at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, the Chiefs were favored to win the game. And when the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl LIV the year prior, Chiefs coach Andy Reid was showered with orange Gatorade.

Super Bowl Gatorade Shower History

The Gatorade shower first started during the 1984 NFL season, and it is fair to assume that the alleged originator would not have expected to see it become what it is now.

Prior to an NFC East rivalry showdown between the New York Giants and Washington Redskins (now the Washington Football Team) in Week 9 of the 1984 season, Giants head coach Bill Parcells reportedly and repeatedly needled nose tackle Jim Burt about how Washington’s Pro Bowl center, Jeff Bostic, was going to have the best of him.

The Giants handily dispatched their rivals 37-13, and Burt enlisted the services of future Hall of Fame linebacker Harry Carson to surprise Parcells with America’s favorite sports drink.

The Gatorade shower did not become a part of Super Bowl lore until the 1986 season, however. That season, Parcells received a dousing after all 17 of the Giants’ wins, including their 39-20 win over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXI.

Super Bowl XXI Gatorade shower New York Giants Bill Parcells
At Super Bowl XXI in 1987, New York Giants head coach Bill Parcells received the first Super Bowl Gatorade shower when the Giants defeated the Denver Broncos 39-20 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

Some years have not featured a Super Bowl Gatorade shower due to weather or other circumstances. Mostly recently, when the New England Patriots famously rallied from a 28-3 deficit and defeated the Atlanta Falcons in overtime in Super Bowl 51 in 2017, Patriots coach Bill Belichick did not receive the traditional ambush.

Recent Super Bowl Gatorade Colors

  • 2021: Blue (Winning Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  • 2020: Orange (Winning Team: Kansas City Chiefs)
  • 2019: Blue (Winning Team: New England Patriots)
  • 2018: Yellow (Winning Team: Philadelphia Eagles)
  • 2017: None (Winning Team: New England Patriots)
  • 2016: Orange (Winning Team: Denver Broncos)
  • 2015: Blue (Winning Team: New England Patriots)
  • 2014: Orange (Winning Team: Seattle Seahawks)
  • 2013: None (Winning Team: Baltimore Ravens)
  • 2012: Purple (Winning Team: New York Giants)
  • 2011: Orange (Winning Team: Green Bay Packers)
  • 2010: Orange (Winning Team: New Orleans Saints)
  • 2009: Yellow (Winning Team: Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • 2008: Clear (Winning Team: New York Giants)
  • 2007: Clear (Winning Team: Indianapolis Colts)
  • 2006: Clear (Winning Team: Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • 2005: Clear (Winning Team: New England Patriots)
  • 2004: None (Winning Team: New England Patriots)
  • 2003: Purple (Winning Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  • 2002: None (Winning Team: New England Patriots)
  • 2001: Yellow (Winning Team: Baltimore Ravens)

It may or may not be relevant, but there is something worth noting. In the two-decade stretch above, three Super Bowls ended in “walk-off” fashion: 2002 (Super Bowl XXXVI), 2004 (Super Bowl XXXVIII), and 2017 (Super Bowl LI). In each win–all by the Patriots–no Gatorade shower occurred, rendering color bets a push.

“None” is not offered as a Gatorade color betting option, but with that pattern and NFL playoff results in mind, perhaps it should be. The upcoming Super Bowl matchup is between two teams with a flair for the dramatic.

In the Bengals’ last two wins, over the Tennessee Titans in the Divisional Round and the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game, rookie kicker Evan McPherson provided the winning points with a walk-off field goal. The Rams defeated the Bucs in the Divisional Round with a game-ending kick by Matt Gay, who also had a decisive tie-breaking kick late in the NFC Championship Game against the 49ers.

How to Bet the Right Gatorade Color

Sean McVay Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Gatorade
Will Rams coach Sean McVay be drenched in Gatorade on Super Bowl Sunday?

When you are making your Super Bowl LVI bets and trying to determine what color of Gatorade you think will be part of the championship celebrations, there are no tried and true tips to follow.

The best advice is to not take Gatorade betting seriously. There are many serious Super Bowl betting options, but this is not one of them. Have fun with it. And if you have a rooting interest in the game, hopefully both your team and bets win.

With Super Bowl Gatorade color odds available, which way should you lean with your picks?

In recent Super Bowls, orange tops the list, with their five appearances coming in the past 12 games. The betting favorite is not always the way to go. Nor is aligning with team colors. But the value is there with orange, and not just because the orange-wearing Cincinnati Bengals are in the Super Bowl for the first time in 33 years.

Having the knowledge of what color Gatorade the Rams and Bengals drink throughout the season would be helpful. That info is not openly available, so some sleuthing and guessing is the best we have.

That said, knowing that many people bet on the Super Bowl Gatorade color, wouldn’t teams likely use a different color than usual?

Could we see another surprise Gatorade color result? Blue came through in a big way for bettors last year in Tampa. Red (or pink) is certainly long overdue. Fruit punch has long been one of the most popular Gatorade flavors.

Of course, flavor popularity is meaningless with regards to Super Bowl Gatorade color betting. But it is as deserving to be the color of champions as any of the other colors.

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