Best and Worst Over/Under Teams in MLB in 2022

By | August 1, 2022

One of the most popular types of betting in major team sports is over/under betting. And when it comes to betting on MLB games, there are many different types of over/under betting available on each game each day.

Of course, when you talk about over/under betting, the option that comes to mind first for most is betting on the total number of runs that will be scored in a game.

Below, we take a look at the best over and under teams in MLB this season.

MLB’s Top Teams at Opposite Ends of the Over/Under Table

Are there any surprising results? Well, this is not necessarily surprising, but it is very interesting, nonetheless.

The New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers are the top two teams in runs scored per game, averaging 5.35 runs per game and 5.21 runs per game, respectively. They are also the top two teams in runs allowed per game, allowing 3.34 runs per game and 3.28 runs per game, respectively.

But while the Yankees are in the top ten of over teams, the Dodgers are the third best under team.

The surface statistics do often tell the tale, but that is a reason why it is important to look beyond them.

What other factors should you consider with MLB over/under betting?

  • Starting pitchers and their splits: How has a pitcher fared in his last five starts? How about in his road starts? In night games? Or in a specific stadium?
  • Hitter vs. pitcher team and individual matchups: Are the teams better against right-handed or left-handed pitching?
  • Game location: Is the ballpark hitter-friendly or pitcher-friendly?
  • Weather: Is it a windy day? Which direction is the wind blowing? Is the temperature warmer or cooler? Scoring tends to be higher when temperatures are warmer.

Note: All records are listed in OVER-UNDER-PUSH order.

Best Over Teams in MLB in 2022 (As of July 31)

  • 1. Cincinnati Reds (54-46-1)
  • 2. New York Mets (50-43-8)
  • 3. Philadelphia Phillies (53-46-3)
  • 4. Milwaukee Brewers (51-46-5)
  • 5. Toronto Blue Jays (53-48-1)
  • 6. Minnesota Twins (49-45-7)
  • 7. Cleveland Guardians (49-46-6)
  • 8. Atlanta Braves (51-48-4)
  • 9. New York Yankees (52-49-2)
  • 10. Texas Rangers (48-47-6)

Of the teams who are currently in the top ten in most runs allowed per game, only the Cincinnati Reds make this list.

But of the teams who are in the top ten in most runs scored per game, seven teams are on this list. The only three outside of the top ten that are on this list are:

  • Cincinnati (tied for 15th in runs per game, 28th in runs allowed per game)
  • Cleveland (tied for 15th in runs scored per game, 14th in runs allowed per game)
  • Minnesota (12th in runs scored per game, 15th in runs allowed per game)

Best Under Teams in MLB in 2022 (As of July 31)

  • 1. Houston Astros (39-62-3)
  • 2. Detroit Tigers (39-59-5)
  • 3. Los Angeles Dodgers (39-54-8)
  • 4. Pittsburgh Pirates (41-54-7)
  • 5. Oakland Athletics (42-55-7)
  • 6. Arizona Diamondbacks (44-53-4)
  • 7. Los Angeles Angels (44-51-7)
  • 8. Baltimore Orioles (46-52-4)
  • 9. San Diego Padres (47-53-3)
  • 10. Chicago Cubs (45-50-6)

The Astros have several feared hitters, but they have a stout starting rotation led by the current AL Cy Young Award favorite (Justin Verlander) and a bullpen that ranks first in MLB in bullpen ERA.

The Dodgers also have a formidable lineup, but they also sport a strong stable of arms, even without the injured Walker Buehler. The NL West leaders enter August ranked first in overall ERA and sixth in bullpen ERA.

Of the teams who are in the top ten in fewest runs scored per game, five make this list: the Pirates, Pirates, A’s, Angels, and Orioles. The Diamondbacks (11th) and Cubs (12th) are just outside the top ten.

Of the teams who are in the top ten in fewest runs allowed per game, three teams make this list: the Astros, Dodgers, and Padres. The Orioles come in just short of the top ten, ranking 11th in runs allowed per game through July 31.

Statistics aren’t ironclad, and you will regularly come out on the losing end even when things line up favorably. That is the nature of sports betting, unfortunately.

But taking the time to do some thorough research before placing your bets will often work out well.

Betting News has MLB picks and matchup pages each day where you can find detailed betting statistics, and we recommend using sites like ESPN, Baseball Reference, and FantasyPros to keep tracking of team and individual splits, park factors, and other pertinent information that can help you with making MLB over/under betting decisions.

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